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The 10 Minute Fundraiser

For ALL Ages!

Here’s How The 10 Minute Fundraiser Works!

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Give us some basic information about your school or organization.  Add your classes/groups and you’re ready to go!  The system will generate the Activation Letters for each student/member and once the parents log in, they can start sharing!


Parents/Students will spend 10 MINUTES entering 10 emails of Family and Friends to send fundraiser information.  Loved ones will gladly choose an Act of Kindness for the student to do, and will sponsor them by donating!  10 minutes and you’re done!!!  Best of all, they get prizes for sending their emails. So easy!

People Sponsor

When people choose an Act Of Kindness and sponsor that student, funds are coming in for your school!  At the end the student gets a list of Acts of Kindness, does them, and you are finished.  Simple!

Call us now and let us tell you all about this easy 10 minute fundraiser!

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What’s Included?
  • Parent Letter
  • Student Wrist Band
  • Prize Program Sheet
  • Sponsor Instructions
  • Student Character Sheet
  • And Awesome Prizes

"One of the easiest ways to raise money for our school!"

"Raising money online is the future of fundraising. Im so glad Share-a-thon is here!"


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