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Driven By Caring, Led By Passion
We are passionate about helping organizations raise the money they need when they need it!  We do what we do to help you do what you do.

For more than 27 years, our Founder and CEO, Nick Keith, has been helping schools and other organizations raise money.  Nick has pretty much implemented, executed, and kicked off every type of fundraiser you could think of.  In fact, over the years he has raised over $25,000,000 for schools and organizations.  In the past few years, Nick saw that the fundraising space was slowly changing.  With today’s high-tech users, Nick found that schools were starting to choose new, technology driven fundraising over traditional fundraising.  That sparked an idea that birthed an easy, practical way to help organizations raise money online.  Passionate about helping organizations do what they do, Nick formulated a plan to create a new platform that allows students and organization members to raise money without all the door to door selling, deliveries, and money collecting.  It’s a way to allow people to share a positive message, promote a positive atmosphere, and help a positive cause, with a simple to use, easy to share platform called Share-a-thon.  A dream built over 5 years, Share-a-thon is one of the easiest ways to raise money for your school or organization.

Always On, Always Ready

Share-a-thon is always on, ready to help you make money. Since social media is active 24/7, you could be making money while you sleep.
You share…. Kids learn…. Sponsors give….
It’s as simple as that!

Great Fundraising Should Be Shared

Want to know what makes Share-a-thon stand out from the rest? Share-a-thon gives you a way to share with other schools and organizations and earn 3% on any Share-a-thon they hold.  The more you share, the more you can make.


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