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Here are some common questions about Share-a-thon.
How do I get started?

It’s easy!  Just click the “Start Share-a-thon” link in the top menu bar or click the “Start Sharing Now” button on our home page.  The sign up process is a step-by-step easy to follow process.

How long should my Share-a-thon last?

Although we do not limit the amout of time a campaign can last, we recommend about two weeks.

When should I hold a Share-a-thon?
The great thing about our program is that you can hold an event any time of the year.  And since it is easy to start a new campaign, you can do as many as you want during a year.
How do we raise money?

You raise money from donors who support your sharing efforts. Donors could be friends, family or any other person you might be connected to through social media, work or other groups who care about education and want to support your school or other organization. Let us help you reach sponsors with our powerful tools that connect with Facebook, Twitter, and other quick links for sharing!

How much money can we raise?

Raising money for your school is easy and there is really no limit to how much you can raise, but let’s use an example of a 500 student school with a participation rate of 50%.  (This is a low participation estimate because if a fundraiser is easy, more people will do it, also, it’s easier for a principal to ask that everyone click a button than it is to ask that they sell frozen cookies and lug them around.)  That means that 250 students who average 5 sponsorships of $25 totaling $125, will raise about $31,250.

Now remember, you are making 60% of that instead of the 40% you made with your cookie dough or catalog sale.  Your profit then, is $18,750, instead of the $12,500 you would have made on another fundraiser.  All that, and you didn’t have to bring 8 volunteers to the school, pray your delivery was on time, lug the products to their alphabetical or teacher spot, set up a check in table, check it off when parents picked it up, get calls for missing or damaged items, call the rep or company to fix it, and hope the parents don’t just tire out on you. 

Whew!!!  Glad we didn’t do all of that!

Wait, though….we haven’t even talked about the Share Fund.  You will make 3% of the campaign of any school or group that raises money on Share-a-thon because you shared it with them!  What if you shared it with 25 schools like yours and 7 of them did a Share-a-thon of $10,000?  They totaled $70,000 and you get 3% of that.  That means you just added $2,100 to your Profits!

What???  I’m sorry, my head just exploded because I just figured out that this is the best fundraiser ever!

So now, in this scenario, instead of profiting $12,500 with a traditional fundraiser, you have profited $20,850.  Oh, and just a side note… didn’t have to pay product sales tax on it!!!

That’s how much you can raise on Share-a-thon.

Who can use Share-a-thon
Share-a-thon can we used for any type of fundraiser including:

  • Elementary Schools
  • Preschools
  • Middle or High Schools
  • PTAs
  • Libraries
  • Fire Departments
  • Police Departments
  • Other organizations that raise funds for operations
What do you do with information entered in Share-a-thon?
Share-a-thon asks for limited information that is used only for the operation of Share-a-thon. We never share or sell personal information for any other commercial purpose. We do not contact children for any purpose other than that which is related to Share-a-thon.
Can I upload my own meme or gif?

Currently Share-a-thon has a lot of preselected memes for use.  It is in the roadmap to add the ability for users to upload their own memes or gifs.  

Tell Me About Prizes
Who Can Earn Prizes?
Currently we limit prize earners to students of elementary schools.
How do I earn prizes?
Prizes are based on levels.  Each level will have a donation amount needed to reach it.  As each student reaches a level of donations that match a prize level, they earn that prize level.  Each new prize level reached means the student not only earns the new prize at that level but also keeps the other prizes from the levels they have already reached.
How do students get their prizes?

After a school ends their campaign and the grace period for giving has passed, the prizes will be shipped directly to the school after a 30 day grace period.

Why is there a 30 day grace period on prizes?
We hold the prize shipment to account for any credit card charge backs since all donations are paid online. We need to make sure no fraudulent donations have been charged.
So How Much Does It Cost?
How much do I have to pay to get started?

There is no upfront cost to start a Share-a-thon.

You get 70% of the funds you raise.  We pay for prizes and credit card transactions. In addition, we pay for referral fees from that 30%.

What does it mean to refer another school or organization?

Share-a-thon has a unique business model that allows a school or organization to increase the amount of funds they raise through Share-a-thon by allowing you to share the program with other schools and organizations.  That is called a “Share Fund”.  The more you share the program with other groups, and the more they raise money through Share-a-thon, the higher your Share Fund accumulates.  The only requirement is that you do a Share-a-thon within a year of the referred group’s Share-a-thon campaign.  We call this “remaining active”.  As long as your school or organization remains active, and the referred group raises money on Share-a-thon, your group gets paid 3% of the referred school or organization’s Share-a-thons.  That’s a GOOD thing!  Find out more here.

How do I stay active in Share-a-thon?

Referrals are an easy way for you to make extra money.  In order to continue to make extra money you need to stay active.  To stay active you need to run at least one campaign within a calendar year.  For example, if you run a campaign February 1st of this year and it ends on Feb 10th of this year then you will need to run another campaign before Feb 10th of next year. If you don’t then you will no longer benifit from your referrals.

Tips and Tricks

Nothing happens when I click a share button. What's wrong?

Modern browsers typically have popup blocker turned on by default. If you click a share button and nothing happens, usually the cause is it is blocking the Facebook or Twitter popup window needed to authenticate and share.  Allow popups for our site and try again.

Can I share as a Private Message on Facebook?

You sure can! At the top of the Facebook share popup, choose “Share in a Private Message”.  Then you can add anyone you want.  There is a quick way to get all your friends in your Private Message share.  Click in the “To” box, and type “a”, then hit “enter”.  Repeat this until all the friends that have names starting with “a” are added.  You then repeat this for each letter of the alphabet.  When ready, click “Send Message” button.

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