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Next Steps for Administrators Only

Are you in charge of setting up Share-a-thon for your school or organization? 

To make your Share-a-thon campaign successful, here are a few things you need to do next!

Step One: Add Teachers

The first step you need to take is to add your teachers.  Log into Share-a-thon App and Click the Teachers menu item on the right side.

Next click the ADD button on the top right side of your page.

Now fill in the form and click the Ok button.  Repeat this process to add all your teachers.  That’s it!  Now you are ready for Step 2.

Step Two: Add Classes/Groups

Next you will need to add your class rooms or groups and assign each teacher to them.  To get started click the Classes menu item on the right side of your page.

Next click the ADD button on the top right of your page.

Add the class name and select the teacher of the class.

Click the Ok button.  Repeat this process until you have all your classes added.  Now you can move on to Step Three!

Step Three: Generate Secret Codes

We have create a secret code system to make it easier for parents to sign up.  Parents will simply go to and enter the secret code on their student’s activation letter. 

To add secret codes to your campaign, click on the Share-a-thon menu item on the right of your page.

Next choose your Active Share-a-thon campaign.  Now click the SECRET CODES button.

Enter the number of secret codes you will need.  Remember, you will need one code for each student so if you have 300 students, you should enter 300 in the “Enter amount of new codes”  You can always generate more by coming back and entering the number of additional codes you need in the same box.

Now click the Generate button.

You will get a success message when the codes have been generated and your number of “Previously generated codes:” will increase.

That’s it!  Step Four will help you in printing your codes!

Step Four: Printing Activation Letters

Now that you have your secret codes generated, next you’ll want to print the activation letter that contains each unique secret code to send home to the parents.

Assuming you are still on the Secret Codes page, (the same place you generated the codes) click on the View Codes button.

This will open a PDF in a new browser window.  There is 1 page for each secret code you just generated. So if you generated 300 secret codes, you will have a PDF that contains 300 pages.

Simply print the PDF and hand one to each student. This will contain the secret code needed for their parent to log in.

Step Five: Printing Prize Form (For elementary Schools Only)

The last step is to print the prize package form to go along with the secret code page you give to each student.

Start by clicking the Help Material menu item on the left side of your page.

Now you can open it in a browser and print by clicking the eye icon or you can download it to your computer by clicking the download icon.

Print your form and you are all set! Congratulations!  You just completed the setup of your campaign.