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Share-a-thon Prizes

Kids Earn, Everyone Wins!

Kids Earn, Everyone Wins!

Share-a-thon offers a Great Prize Program for Elementary School Campaigns! Every student has the opportunity to earn prizes based upon donation amounts!  The closer they get to their goals, the more prizes they earn!


Reach Your Goal!

Raise More, Earn More

Kids are rewarded for their efforts!  The Prize Program has multiple levels based upon total donations or sponsorships.  It is “Cumulative”, which means that whatever level is reached, the student/player/participant gets that prize PLUS all of the prizes of the levels already achieved!

You share…. Kids earn…. Donors give….

It’s as simple as that!

Great Fundraising Should Be Shared

Want to know what makes Share-a-thon stand out from the rest? Share-a-thon gives you a way to share with other schools and organizations and earn 3% on any Share-a-thon they hold.  The more you share, the more you can make.


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